MSc in Digital Composition and Performance

University of Edinburgh



Admission to the programme is open to candidates with a II(i) honours degree or equivalent (e.g. US 3.4 GPA) in a sound-related discipline (such as music, sound engineering, acoustics, film, animation, or art/design) or other relevant discipline (such as computer science, architecture, education, cognitive science, psychology, or other qualification deemed appropriate by the Head of School).

Essential, however, and irrespective of the applicant's background, is significant experience in composition or a related musically creative activity (e.g. improvisation, sound installation, creative DJing etc.). There is also an opportunity to admit students on the basis of a portfolio of work.

If you're wondering about your eligibility for entry onto this course, please see our FAQ, in particular perhaps this question, or contact Michael Edwards: michael.edwards(at)

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